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The forensic document examiner’s powers of observation, knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of printed documents can be crucial to an investigation. Continue reading

The Conundrum of the Forensic Handwriting Examiner as Expert Witness

The conundrum of engaging a forensic handwriting/document examiner (FHE) as an expert witness in South Africa – Terry Elmaleh

The conundrum

An FHE is engaged by private individuals, corporates or members of the legal profession who seek to shed light on anomalies in a document or to identify or authenticate signatures or writing. The explicit role as an FHE expert with particular skills and knowledge are required to decipher questioned documents or writings which are “not generally available to the average person”. (Dumani, 2005) Continue reading

Technology, Ally to the Forensic Handwriting Examiner

Since the era of Osborn in the early 20th century, the science of Forensic Handwriting Examination, has developed in leaps and bounds and with it the ‘tools’ used in the examination of documents.  From very expensive, heavy and cumbersome equipment, the modern document examiner, has orientated towards sophisticated software and digital instrumentation, Continue reading